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The classification library is used to help the user to determine the power quality event type of a given recorded file (DFR or PQ meter). Since, currently the Data File library supports only COMTRADE format for DFR files, other native DFR files should be converted into COMTRADE format at first. The converted COMTRADE files can be saved into the database for future retrieving.

Figure 1. Classification library

There are two blocks in the library, one for online mode classification, another for batch mode classification. The usage is given by the examples. Please run those examples before starting to build your own system.

There are three demos under the Example menu item.

Figure 2.  demo #1

Demo #1 is for batch mode classification. To run this demo, double click the block and select the files you want to classify and then press the run button. The result will pop up when the classification process finishes.

Figure 3. Classification result

Demo #2 and Demo #3 are online mode classification. From the demos, you can see there are input signal blocks in both examples. In Demo #2, the input signal source is a MAT file, whereas a TU DFR file in Demo #3. You can also use other blocks as long as they belong to the input source category, e.g. an analytical signal generator.

Demo #2 is shown below. After pressing the run button, the result will be shown in the green box and the text below the box. 

The only difference between Demo #2 and Demo #3 is a TU DFR file is used in Demo #3 , so the demo #3 will not be shown here.

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