Electrical Power & Power Electronics Institute (EPPEI)

at Texas A&M University



Graduate Education

EPPEI offers a rich graduate level educational program. 18 courses consists of both classic and advanced material in the areas of power system, power electronics, and electrical machines and drives.

  ECEN 611 General Theory of Electromechanical Motion Devices
  ECEN 612 Computer Aided Design of Electromechanical Motion Devices
  ECEN 613 Rectifier and Inverter Circuits
  ECEN 614 Power System State Estimation
  ECEN 615 Methods of Electric Power Systems Analysis
  ECEN 616 Power System Electromagnetic Transients
  ECEN 630 Analysis of Power Electronic Systems
  ECEN 632 Motor Drive Dynamics
  ECEN 643 Electric Power System Reliability
  ECEN 666 Power System Faults and Protective Relaying;
  ECEN 667 Power System Stability
  ECEN 668 High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
  ECEN 677 Control of Electric Power Systems
  ECEN 679 Computer Relays for Electric Power Systems
  ECEN 686 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  ECEN 689 Special Topics: Engineering and Economics of Competitive Power Systems
  ECEN 689-605 Power Electronic Energy Conversion for Sustainable Energy Systems
  ECEN 690 Switching Power Supplies