Electrical Power & Power Electronics Institute (EPPEI)

at Texas A&M University



Short Courses

EPPEI offers short courses in a wide variety of related areas. A number of proposed short courses as well as their contents and schedules are listed below.

Course Title Presenter(s)
Adjustable Speed AC Motor Drives: Application Problems and Solutions P. Enjeti and H. A. Toliyat
Electric Power Quality A. Abur, P. Enjeti, and C. Singh
Energy management System Functions A. Abur and G. Huang
How to Select and Apply an Adjustable Speed ac Drive (ASD) P. Enjeti and V. R. Stefanovic
Integrated/Coordinated Digital Substation Control and Protection System Design M. Kezunovic
MATLAB for Power Engineers G. Huang, A. Abur, and M. Kezunovic
Power System Reliability C. Singh and A. D. Patton
Protective Relay Testing Using EMTP and Digital Simulators M. Kezunovic and A. Abur from TAMU
  D. R. Sevcik from Reliant Energy HL&P
  Bogdan Kasztenny from GE Power Management
Toutorial on Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Electric Machines H. A. Toliyat