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Seminars and presentations

EPPEI faculties and students have also been presenting seminars for EPPEI students. An archive of theses seminars is provided below:

Spring 2013 seminars





Jan 16

EPPEI Student Chapter


Kickoff meeting




Jan 23

D. Westerheim


Current technical & economic considerations of fuel cells & hydrogen







Jan 30

Brian MacCleery

An improved methodology for model based design - new co-simulation tools create a bi-directional design flow for simulation and deployment of FPGA-based power electronics control systems

Feb 6

Prof. Joe Chow

Applications of Synchrophasor Data to Power System State Estimation and Control

Feb 13

J. Fuentes

Sollar in Texas: Current Landscape and Challenges ahead

Feb 20

P. Lobo

Enabling semiconductor solutions for smart grid

Feb 27

N. Farokhmia

Fast closed form solution of line to line voltage THD for multilevel inverters

March 1

Dr. Andy Xu Sun

Robust Optimization and Applications to Electric Energy Systems

March 13

Sandeep Hiremath,


March 20

No Seminar – Spring Break

March 27

Prof. Huang,


April 3

Ramon Hernandez


April 10

Dr. Edward Moses

Pathway to Strategic and Energy Security and Physics of the Cosmos

April 17

No Seminar

TAMU Smart Grid Workshop

April 24

Mr. Arjun Vijayakumar


Archive of fall 2012 seminars schedule




Sep. 5

EPPEI Student Chapter

Kickoff meeting




Sep. 12

Mr. Yingzhong Gu

High Performance Stochastic Large-scale Unit Commitment Package




Sep. 19

Dr. Gurunath Gurrala

Modern Nonlinear Power System Stability Controls vs. Conventional AVR+PSS




Sep. 26

Dr. Victor M. Zavala

Advances in Optimization and Applications to Energy Systems




Oct. 3

Dr. Pochen Chen

Analysis of Voltage Profile Problems Due to the Penetration of Distributed Generation in Low-Voltage Secondary Distribution Networks




Oct. 10

Dr. Wayne Galli

HVDC: Pathway to Americas Sustainable Future




Oct. 17

Mr. Bert Wank and

Mr. Arthur Morris

 From Power Fault Analysis to Prognostics




Oct. 31

Prof. Yu Ding

Data Analytics Methods for Wind Turbine Operations


Nov. 12

Dr. Kevin Ding

CenterPoint Energy Control Center Applications and Development




Nov. 14

Scott G. Minos

Smart Grid: Changing the Paradigm to Adress Chaleneges of Electrical Power Delivery




Nov. 21

Thanksgiving week- No seminar





Nov. 28

Daniel Viassolo

Bogdan Wiecek

 Control of Battery Storage for a Wind Farm




Archive of Spring 2011 seminars





Jan. 26

Prof. Mehrdad Ehsani


Sustainable Engineering





Feb. 9

Mr. Mehran Mirjafari


Multi-objective design optimization of renewable energy system inverters using a descriptive language for the components







Feb. 16

Mr. K. Ledoux and Mr. M. Rayner


Medium-voltage drives








Feb. 23

Ms. Mahshid Amirabadi


Partial resonant ac link converter





March 9

Mr. Salman Mashayekh


An integrated dynamic power management method for isolated power systems







March 23

Mr. Dan Wilkerson


Remarks by Dan Wilkerson





April 6

Mr. Hung-Ming Chou


A PC-Based Test Bed for NG IPS for ships in PSCADTM 





April 20

Mr. Glen Patton


Transmission System Relay Coordination Studies

Archive of Fall 2010 seminars




Sep. 7


Planning meeting




Sep. 14

Mr. Salman Mashayekh

Security constrained power management system for the NG IPS ships


Mr. Yingzhong Gu

Look-ahead coordination of wind energy and electric vehicles: a market-based approach





Sep. 21

Ms. Divya Balakrishan

Capacitor-less VAR Compensator Based on Matrix Converter


Ms. Samantha Castillo

Predicting Capacitor Reliability in a Module-Integrated Photovoltaic Inverter Using Stress Factors from an Environmental Usage Model





Sep. 28






Oct. 5

Dr. Judith Jeevarajan

Battery power needs for space applications




Oct. 13

Mr. Saeed Lotfifard

Automated fault location in smart distribution systems




Oct. 19






Oct. 27

Prof. Ali Davoudi

Accurate and fast modeling and simulation frameworks for power electronics






Nov. 2






Nov. 10

Mr. Nicolas Frank

Magnetic gears




Nov. 17

Dr. Jian Chen

State Estimation in ERCOT




Nov. 24

Thanksgiving week- no seminar





Nov. 31






Dec. 8

Last day of classes- no seminar


Archive of past seminars





March 21, 2003

Dr. Houcine Zeroug


Synchronous motor drives performances under load commutation





March 28, 2003

Mr. Mirrasoul Mousavi


Experimental investigation of distribution transformer solid insulation





April 11, 2003

Mr. Shan Zhong


Implementation of two-stage state estimation for topology error identification





April 5, 2002

Mr. Nuthalapati Sarma


Distributed automation





April 19, 2002

Dr. Aydogan Ozdemir


Branch outage simulation for contingency studies





April 26, 2002

Mr. Slavko Vasilic


Neural-fuzzy pattern recognition algorithm for classifying the events in power system networks





May 3, 2002

Mr. Nirmal-Kumar Nair


Transaction-based voltage security margin allocations for deregulated electric markets





Oct 11, 2002

Mr. Nader Samaan


A new method for composite system annualized reliability indices based on genetic algorithms





Oct 18, 2002

Mr. Jiansheng Lei


Data exchange design and a textured state estimation algorithm for distributed multi-utility operations in electric power market


EPPEI is a member of PSerc. PSerc, which stands for "Power System Engineering Research Center", is an NSF industry/university cooperative research center. The following presentations are given by EPPEI faculty and students at the relevant meetings.




Date and Location

Smart Grid Task Force



Aug. 10-13, 2009, Breckenridge, CO





Risk Based Maintenance Scheduling of Circuit breakers Using Condition based Data



Dec. 4-5, 2008, College Station, TX







Fault Location and Fault Visualization



May 2008, Ames, Iowa





Highlights of T&D Stem Activities (2000-2005)



June 1, 2006, Madison, WI





Enhanced Reliability of Power System Operation Using Advanced Algorithms and IEDs for On-line Monitoring



May 18-20, 2005, Wichita, KS







T&D Technology Research Stem Topics



May 18-20, 2005, Wichita, KS





Transient Testing of Protective Relays



Dec. 9, 2004, Berkeley, CA





T&D Technology Research Stem Topics



Dec. 13, 2002, Atlanta, GA





T&D Technology Research Stem Update



Dec. 13, 2002, Atlanta, GA,





Panel on Information Technologies in Power Systems



Dec. 9, 2002, College Station, TX





Transmission and Distribution Research Stem


PSerc retreat

Aug. 15-18 2002, Mount Hood,





T&D Technology Research Stem Topics



May 29, 2002, Schenectady, NY





T&D Technology Research Stem Update



May 30, 2002, Schenectady, NY





T&D Technology Research Stem Proposed Activities



Dec. 7, 2001, College Station, TX






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