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Retirement Awards

In the year 2000, EPPEI decided to start recognizing the individuals that are retiring and have been major supporters of the EPPE program and the Institute over the years. The individuals from both Texas A&M University and from other organizations outside Texas A&M university will be considered for this prestigious recognition. The main criteria for this award are "Long Standing and Invaluable Contributions" to the Electric Power and Power Electronics program as well as active support of EPPEI. Each recipient of the award is given an appreciation plaque and a duplicate of the plaque is permanently displayed at the EPPEI premises. The most fitting occasion for starting with this new tradition was the retirement of Dr. A.D. Patton, one of our own, a Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Mr. Charles W. Fromen was recognized with the EPPEI Retirement Award in October 2001. He graduated from Texas A&M University in 1968, and started working for the main utility company in Houston known at the time of this recognition as Reliant Energy HL& P. Mr. Fromen served in many key technical positions in the protective relaying area and ended his career at Reliant as a Senior Consulting Engineer. He then moved to Brazil in 1998 and worked at Eletropaulo Metropolitana as a Superintendent of Electrical System development until his retirement in 2001. Over the years, Mr. Fromen has shown great interest in the EPPE Program and supported the activities in the program in many different ways. He has actively participated on several research projects carried out by the faculty members of EPPEI, promoted EPPEI and the program within Reliant Energy, and has regularly attended EPPEI Annual Advisory Board Meetings providing invaluable suggestions for further improvements. Mr. Fromen's Resume is enclosed.

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Mr. Fromen (right) is presented with the Award plaque by Dr. Kezunovic who was Director of EPPEI at the time


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Mr Fromen is standing next to the Digital Simulator that he helped develop together with Texas A&M Professors and students during an EPRI project.


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Mr. Fromen (right) and Dr. Kezunovic (left) are discussing memories of Mr. Fromen's participation in and support of EPPEI program


Dr. A.D. Patton was recognized with the EPPEI Retirement Award in August 2000. He graduated with Ph.D. Degree from Texas A&M University in 1972. Dr. Patton was hired to be a part of EPI (former name for EPPEI) in 1965 and was the first researcher in the area and indeed about the first person hired by the department with a research mission. Dr. Patton served as EPPEI Director in two occasions, 1976-1979 and 1985- 1992. He also served as the department Head from 1992 to 1996. During the period of over 35 years of his association with EPPE program and the Institute, Dr. Patton has made numerous contributions to the growth of the program and recognition of the Institute amongst utility industry in Texas and beyond. Dr. Patton has also received numerous University and IEEE awards for his professional contributions and retired from Texas A&M university to continue his active role in the profession as a consultant in the area of power system reliability and equipment failure analysis.

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During his retirement reception, Dr. Alton D. Patton (left) receives a plaque of appreciation from the Electric Power and Power Electronics Institute presented by Dr. Grang Huang (right).






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