Electrical Power & Power Electronics Institute (EPPEI)

at Texas A&M University




The original Electric Power Institute (EPI) was founded by Prof. John Denison with the active collaboration of Dean Fred Benson in the 1963-64 time frame. The motivation was to provide a mechanism to maintain the electric power teaching program and develop a research program in the area at the time when most universities were greatly de-emphasing power. Early industry supporters included the Texas Utilities Co. operating companies( Dallas Power & Light, Texas Power & Light and Texas Electric Service ).By 1965 industry supporters included all the investor-owned utilities headquartered in the state plus Dow Chemical, Freeport. Dr. A. D. Patton was hired to be a part of EPI in 1965 and was the first researcher in the area and indeed about the first person hired in the department with a research mission. In 1998, EPI has changed name to Electrical Power & Power Electronic Institute (EPPEI) to better reflect the activities of power system and power electronics groups.

EPPEI directors over the years have been:

Dr.Toliyat Hamid A. Toliyat 2008-Present
Dr.Butler K. Butler-Purry 2006-2008
Dr. Kezunovic Mladen Kezunovic 1997-2006


EPI directors over the years are shown in the table below.

Dr. Singh Chanan Singh 1992-1997
Dr. Patton A. D. Patton 1985-1992
  Bob Chenoweth 1981-1985
Dr.Russell Don B. Russell 1980-1981
Dr. Patton A. D. Patton 1976-1980
  John Denison 1963-1976